Cocoon  (2013)

Photos by Eric Bandiero

Cocoon  (2013)

Photos by Dennis Manual

LCA's 2013 Women in Dance Series

Photos by Enniorizzi Photography

"Re-Discovering Cycles"

Performed at UNCC and McLeod Plantation 2017/18

Photos by Jeff Cravotta

Tamara LaDonna Moving Spirits, Inc. (2012)

Photos by Travis Magee

The Makings of You  (2012)

Photos by Travis Magee and Oron Bell

The Makings of You  (2012)

Photos by Eric Bandiero


Performed at UNCC  and the Kaatsbaan International Dance Center (NY) 2018

Photos by Merek Ranis and Jeff Cravotta

Ayedun  (2015)

Photos by Carly Vanderheyden

​Moving Spirits, Inc.

"Of the Past"

Performed at UNCC - 2016

Photos by Christopher Record Photography

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​​Moving Spirits, Inc. in Charlotte

Photos by Kiana Lashelle

Catawba River

Walking Elements

Residency with Rosangela Silvestre and Community


Photos by Ace Murray