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55-minute body conditioning sessions in the GYROTONIC® Method are provided by certified instructor Tamara WIlliams.


Tamara has been certified in The GYROTONIC® Methodology since 2008 and has studied with several Master Trainers including: Anjali Austin, Young-ah Kim, Leda Franklin, and Justine Bernard to name a few.

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TheGYROTONIC®Methodology is a unique method of body conditioning that offers similar benefits that are also derived from yoga, dance, tai chi, swimming, and gymnastics to develop health and well being. Strength, agility, tone, coordination, and increased flexibility are all beneficial results from consistent engagement with the system. All movement is derived from the seed center (core) and is articulated through the spine in a circular and spiraling motion to decompress joints and allow oxygen to flow. The GYROTONIC®Methodology creates an infinite cycle of energy which makes it an excellent method to rejuvenate the body, improving; organ health, stamina, and fitness while unifying self with mind, body and breath.

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