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What does it mean to give life to movement? Tamara Williams answers this question through an ethnographic study and historical mapping of Silvestre Dance Technique created by Brazilian master teacher, dancer, and choreographer, Rosangela Silvestre. In the first book solely dedicated to Silvestre Technique, Williams illustrates how the applied theory of the triangles of inspiration, expression and balance of the training can lead to self actualization through implementation in daily life practice.

Dr. Lela Aisha Jones, distinguished choreographer and scholar, stresses in the book's foreword that "Giving Life to Movement is a heartfelt and overarching read through the physical, socio-cultural, and spiritual technique of Williams' body in synchronization with Rosangela Silvestre's body of work. 

From the Brazilian arts movements of the 1970s, to the sociopolitical themes of the Blocks Afros to the global practice of Silvestre Technique presently, the author explores the impact of the Body Universe in understanding self capacity and capability. Williams investigates the functionality of the technique through a series of interviews, physical practice, and training.

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